Sunday, January 8, 2012

Turn a large shirt into a tank top

If you're in college, you know what it's like to have a drawer full of freebie t-shirts that aren't your size.  Only so many of us are lucky enough to grab that coveted small.  What's a girl to do with a possibly cute shirt that doesn't fit?  Tailor it!  Here's an easy way to turn your too-large promotional t-shirt into a fun and well-fitting tank top.

1. Find a tank top that fits you well and use it as an outline.  This will be your guide for altering your t-shirt.  I'm using a comfortable one I got from Forever 21.  Place the tank top over the t-shirt to make sure none of the design is cut off past the tank top.

2. Turn your t-shirt inside out and pin the tank top on top.  Now you have your tank top stencil ready for sewing!

3. Either by hand-sewing or using a sewing machine, sew your shirt along the outline of the tank top.  Give yourself an extra inch (at least) to ensure a proper fit, especially if you're using a stretchy tank top as your guide.

4. Cut off the excess fabric. Cut where your arm-holes should be (or use a seam-ripper) and stitch them if you'd like.  Remove your pins and your tank-top guide.

5. Turn your new tank top right side out and try it on.  Cut the front of the neck to fit you comfortably and sew the edges if you'd like.  You now have a new tank top!

Did you try this DIY?  Send me your project at and you could be featured on the blog!

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