Tuesday, January 11, 2011

favorite things: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish

I absolutely love this nail polish. It's easy to use, dries quickly, and comes in great shades. It costs about $4-$5 at pharmacies and stores such as Walmart, Target, and ULTA. Check out the link for all colors offered.


the end of jeggings?

I was chatting with my friend in her dorm room and she commented on my jeggings (for those of you that are unsure, these are leggings with some qualities of jeans). She told me they were going out of style. This is quite upsetting. Regular jeans are so stiff sometimes, and jeggings are just amazingly comfortable (I prefer the kind with the real pockets, zipper, and button). But, I guess that once they become an item sold in an infomercial (pajama jeans...), things might be going downhill. Perhaps this is their end, but I will draw the life of jeggings out as much as I can.

Why this blog exists

I thought a good way to start out this blog would be by explaining why it's here at all. Over this year's winter break I was pretty bored, and I came across this great time-killing site: polyvore.com. It's really so much fun, you can create sets (basically collages) of different pictures and clothing that you like, and you can view others' sets, enter contests, ask/answer fashion and beauty related questions and the like. I enjoy making the sets, and thought why not delve more into the world of style and fashion. Here's a set I made influenced by Lady Gaga (love her), there will be more crazy or normal ones to come (or both). And now here we are, with what is soon to be my eclectic gathering of outfits, items I like, and fashion advice that I've heard or that I'm suggesting. I hope you enjoy!